Reliable Community Care

Reliable Community Care is NDIS Approved provider serving Northern and Western Suburbs of Melbourne

Reliable Community Care

We work with the highest professionals to empower your choice and control in choosing providers under the National Disabilities Insurance Scheme.

About Reliable Community Care Pty Ltd

Reliable Community Care recognises its moral and legal responsibility to provide high quality and safe supports and services to NDIS participants in accordance with the NDIS Code of Conduct and the NDIS Practice Standards as follows

  • rights and responsibility for participants,
  • governance and operational management,
  • the provision of supports, and
  • the support provision environment.


Individual values and beliefs

Reliable Community Care is committed to implementing a system to ensure each participant will receive quality services and supports that respect their culture, diversity, values and beliefs.

We ensure

  • At the direction of the participant, the culture, diversity, values and beliefs of that participant are identified and sensitively responded to.
  • Each participant’s right to practice their culture, values and beliefs while accessing supports is supported

Privacy and Dignity

Reliable Community Care is committed to implementing a system to ensure each participant will receive quality services and supports that respect and protect their dignity and right to privacy.

We  ensure:

  • Consistent processes and practices are in place that respects and protect the personal privacy and dignity of each participant.
  • Each participant is advised of confidentiality policies using the language, mode of communication and terms that the participant is most likely to understand.
  • Each participant understands and agrees to what personal information will be collected and the reason, including recorded material in audio and/or visual format


Feedback and Complaints Management

Reliable Community Care is committed to implementing a Feedback and Complaints Management Process to ensure that all participants have knowledge of and access to our complaints management and resolution system. Complaints and other feedback made by all parties are welcomed, acknowledged, respected and well-managed. 

We ensure:


  • A complaints management and resolution system is maintained. We have complained and feedback form attached below.
  • Each participant is provided with information on how to give feedback or make a complaint, including avenues external to the provider, and their right to access advocates. There is a supportive environment for any person who provides feedback and/or makes complaints.
  • Demonstrated continuous improvement in complaints and feedback management by regular review of complaint and feedback policies and procedures, seeking of participant views on the accessibility of the complaints management and resolution system, and incorporation of feedback throughout the organisation.
  • All workers are aware of, trained in, and comply with the required procedures in relation to complaints handling.

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