SIL Supports for People with Disabilities Includes Participants with Complex Needs

Reliable provides high Quality supported accommodation services, helping people to achieve a better life. 

Participant living in our SIL facility will receive supports with daily Living Activities. 
• Supports for Daily Activities, Daily planning Budgeting 
• Building skills to live autonomously 
• Learning to maintain a household task such as laundry and cleaning 
• Developing and maintaining connections with Family and friends. 

We Offer Supported Independent Living support (SIL) For NDIS Participants 

Reliable provides high quality supported accommodation services, helping people to achieve a better life. Our qualified staff are skilled at working with residents in one on one setting and shared housing setting. We support 
residents to live the life fullest. 

What Support Is Available in A SIL Home?

Supports Available 24/7 and includes: 

  •  Assistance to live independently and build your skills to take control of your daily activities. 
  • Individualised support to meet your need and suit your lifestyle. 
  •  Assistance for Activities of your interest 
  •  Personal care support and Community access 
  •  Managing your Dietary requirements 
  •  Keeping you connected with important people of your life. 
  •  Assistance for daily routine and budgeting. 

Our Primary focus is to provide safe, and quality supports to our participants in our care. We have accommodations to meet your housing needs. 

To find out Vacancies in our Properties for Supported independent Living (SIL).

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